Stick to Your Mission: Get Discounted DripDrop and Help Keep Swimming Foundation

It seems like yesterday, but it was nine years ago. I was sitting on the news desk finishing up the morning show in Wausau, WI when I received a life-changing phone call. After a 70-day hospital stay, my cousin, Bill Coon, was going to receive a heart and kidney transplant. In that moment, I was forever changed. Bill was born with a hypoplastic left ventricle (basically half a heart), he was the eighth newborn heart transplant in the United States and the fourth in the Midwest. Fast-forward 20 years, and now he was about to receive another new heart, along with a kidney. The double-organ transplant was successful and thanks to a selfless donor, my cousin has been able to live a full life and accomplish a great deal in that time.

natandbillAs a patient advocate myself and as someone who battles Crohn’s disease, Bill’s life and experiences have shaped how I take on my disease. His strength, perspective and perseverance constantly inspire me to push through bad flare ups and remind me that each setback, procedure and surgery is nothing I can’t overcome. Bill and I grew up down the street from one another, he’s more like a brother than a cousin.

natdripAbout four months ago, I teamed up with DripDrop to help promote their efforts to prevent dehydration and keep people healthy. Right now, their #StickToYourMission challenge is underway. Here’s how the promotion works, until November 2, you can receive 20 percent off all DripDrop product, simply by using the promo code: NATALIE20, when you check out.

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If 20 people use the “NATALIE20” code, DripDrop will donate $1,000 to a charity of my choice! If 40 people use the promotion code, DripDrop will donate $2,000.

Here’s where Bill comes in. As part of Bill’s efforts to give back and make difference, he launched a nonprofit organization called the Keep Swimming Foundation last October. KSFKeep Swimming Foundation provides financial relief to families of critically ill patients so that they can afford the non-medical costs associated with visiting their loved one (bedside meals, lodging, parking at the hospital, gasoline, etc.). As a chronic illness patient, I can attest to how beneficial this is for families as they grapple with health issues and financial concerns.

“Every dollar means the world to us. We make a great attempt to allocate as much money as possible to our mission to help families of critically ill individuals. In turn, one thousand dollars will be one more family we can help. That’s one husband who will be able to get a week’s worth of hotel rooms near his wife’s hospital, a month’s worth of bedside meals for someone’s daughter, or something as simple as two to three months of gas for someone’s loved one to drive back-and-forth from their home to the hospital. KSF2This would be big for us, so I truly hope people will help us obtain this contribution from DripDrop,” said Bill.

October 23rd, marks one year since Keep Swimming Foundation went public. Since that time, 13 families from 10 different states have received grant money. By New Year’s Eve, the goal is to help a minimum of 20 families. Please join me on this mission of not only making your hydration a priority, but also helping the lives of others!

Taking on dehydration with the help of DripDrop

Making sure I don’t get dehydrated while taking on Crohn’s disease can feel like an uphill battle at times. Add in pregnancy to the mix and dehydration can be a real concern. Not just for me, but for my baby. I never thought I’d be so happy to reach the second trimester to arrive. For six weeks straight, I vomited 2-5 times a day, along with several bathroom trips (thanks to my Crohn’s). There were moments I was nervous. There were times I wondered if my baby was getting the nutrition and hydration it needed to thrive and develop. This is where DripDrop came in.

DripDrop is an oral rehydration solution (ORS) developed by a pediatrician. dripdropEvery stick of DripDrop is formulated for fast absorption, making dehydration recovery as effective as an IV—without having to take in the excess sugar found in sports drinks. It contains a precise ratio of sodium, sugars, and other electrolytes that absorb quickly and hydrate more effectively. For me, this was huge. There were times I called my OB after throwing up multiple times, wondering if IV fluids were necessary…but thanks to DripDrop, I was able to stay in the comfort of my home and boost my hydration in a matter of minutes.

As a pregnant mom of a 15-month-old, this was huge for me. No one likes getting IV’s and no one enjoys sitting in the hospital and being away from family. DripDrop is the solution, literally and figuratively to combat this. This pregnancy, just like my last, I consult with a regular OB, a high-risk OB and a gastroenterologist. All my doctors gave me their stamp of approval for using DripDrop. Before I started using it, I consulted with each of my healthcare providers. They looked at the ingredients and were impressed. My high-risk OB even said she was going to start telling other patients about it, so they too could try it out!

DripDrop has given me peace of mind, comfort and Flavor-graphic-squarehelped me get through the dehydration that comes along with pregnancy symptoms. It’s super easy—you just need water and then pick your favorite flavor to mix in. My favorite flavor is Berry. Along with helping me feel better through my pregnancy, I find it helps when I take my son out for walks on 90 degree hot and humid summer days in St. Louis and when I physically feel the need to boost my reserves.

You don’t need to be pregnant, you don’t need to combat a chronic illness. DripDrop is an amazing tool for all of us. Our military, athletes, firefighters…you name it, have experienced the benefit. Interested in trying it out? You can get a two-stick trial for $3.99 by clicking heredripdrop2

I’m excited to continue to use DripDrop throughout my pregnancy and to share my journey with you. As a chronic illness mom, who’s preparing for baby number two, I’m grateful to have DripDrop in my arsenal so I can be as strong and present as possible.