Paid IBD Research Opportunities: Check it Out

Calling all inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients and caregivers in the New York and Philadelphia areas! There’s a great opportunity to participate in research and receive $175 for taking part in a 60-minute in-person interview.

The main mission of the program is to improve the injection experience for gastrointestinal patients. syringe-1696020_1280Currently, many patients and caregivers struggle to inject medications correctly, which means patients don’t always receive their full dose of medication. This can lead to symptoms worsening and a greater threat of a flare up.

The study will assess an updated method of injection, so patients and caregivers have more of a sure-fire way to ensure medication is being received correctly and completely at the proper dosage. The interview responses will help inform the device development process. All responses and information will be confidential and anonymous.

Requirements to participate:

  • Must be diagnosed with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis
  • Use a vial/syringe or TPN for medication
  • Ages 12-17 will be accounted as pediatric patients (will need to attend with a parent), anyone over 18 will be considered an adult.
  • Caregivers must be over age 18.

Click the following links to sign up:

New York

November 26-29

5th Avenue, 10th floor

Focus Room 693

New York, NY     1002

Deadline to register: Sunday, November 25


December 2-7


1650 Market Street

Suite 3030

Philadelphia, PA     19103

Deadline to register: Saturday, December 1

Your feedback and expertise can help make it easier and safer for patients to inject and receive maintenance medication. As a Crohn’s patient of more than 13 more years, who has done self-injections for more than a decade, I can attest how critical this information is to the patient journey and to the future of medicine. By sharing your experience, you can improve the future of care for not only yourself, but many others in the IBD community.

Not able to make an in-person interview? boy-1986107_1920There’s also an online study—available to anyone in the United States—going on right now for those living with an immune system or digestive system condition. You can earn $15 for a 15-minute, online survey. Click here to get participate. The deadline is Tuesday, November 20.

Once you register for the studies, researchers will send an email invitation within 1-2 working days.