Holiday gift ideas for loved ones battling chronic illness

Time is ticking, less than two weeks until Christmas is here. If you’re scrambling trying to figure out what to get your loved one who battles a chronic condition (such as Crohn’s)—here are 10 gift ideas:

  1. Pajamas or comfy clothes with a loose waist band for when flare ups or bad stomachaches strike. If you know a surgery or hospital stay is on the horizon and you’re buying for a female—nightgowns are best.
  2. Detox tea that includes turmeric, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg or cayenne. Green tea is also great! Tea isn’t just a soothing hot drink in the winter months; it’s low in caffeine and can also reduce inflammation associated with Crohn’s.
  3. An inspiring read. I suggest the following books:
  1. Spa gift certificate to say so long to stress. While massage therapy cannot directly address the cause of the problem, it can help reduce stress, which in turn may help with symptoms.
  2. Netflix/Amazon Prime subscription so you can binge watch a variety of shows when you’re sidelined on the couch in pain.
  3. A journal to keep a food diary, vent about the tough days and celebrate the “feel good” moments.
  4. Mineral bath soaks, muscle relief lotion, face masks, candles to help decompress and relax. My friend Erika makes great handmade products crafted from earthmade ingredients. I just ordered a bunch of candles! Click here to take a look at her Etsy store.
  5. A 2017 calendar with daily inspirational quotes since we all know some days are easier than others. Words are powerful and can motivate you to get out of bed in the morning and take on the day with your best possible self.
  6. A FitBit or piece of jewelry that has meaning. For example, the month I had my bowel resection surgery my fiancé (now husband) gave me earrings and a necklace with a black stone that symbolizes strength. Every time I put them on, I think about the story behind it.
  7. Donation to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation to give hope for a cure, understanding, awareness and a normal day. Find out if your Crohnie has a local chapter that you can donate to by going to the CCFA website All donations between NOW and 12/31 are being matched, up to $500,000!

Happy giving! Know that the best gift you can give to someone who battles a chronic illness on a daily basis is constant support, patience, compassion and love through the ups and downs. THAT, my friends, is priceless. image1-15

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