Crohn’s Research Study: Share your patient experience

Research studies provide insight and hope for those of us in the inflammatory bowel disease community. Whenever I get the chance to participate in a study and share my patient journey, I do so. I’m passionate about helping researchers understand the intricacies of the disease so they can fine tune treatment and care.

Recently, a master’s degree student from RGUPicRobert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, named Katie LaSalle, reached out to me about a research study she is conducting surrounding IBD. Katie has family members and a friend who battle Crohn’s, and has witnessed firsthand how debilitating and difficult the disease can be.

For her research, Katie wants to discover how IBD patients obtain their information, manage their healthcare, and use their patient knowledge to take on the disease each day.

Katie says, “Ultimately, I want to look at ways information sources can be improved to provide better support for Crohn’s patients. Personally, I have a perception that health care providers could be doing RCSEDPicmore to provide patient education and information support, and I’m curious on the patients’ perception and how they feel the information is lacking/could be improved.”

This questionnaire is anonymous and is broken up into two sections. The first is 10-15 minutes and will ask questions about demographics and information seeking behavior. The second section, the baseline health literacy test, is 7-10 minutes.

Click here to participate.

The deadline to complete the online survey is August 23, 2018.



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